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Miracles of Squalane

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  • 100% Natural. Makeup remover, moisturizer, hair color protector and frizz tamer!!  The squalane and hemisqualane are ECOCert-approved, USDA Certified 100% Biobased. 

    Won't clog pores.  Silky and light feel. Not greasy. Not tacky. Perfect natural alternative for petroleum based paraffin and silicone ingredients.  Moisturizes plus improves cell turnover and skin elasticity.  Works great to remove foundation, lipstick and mascara....even waterproof makeup!

    For hair - reduces frizz, promotes longer-lasting color, prevents damage from heat appliances and hot-styling tools, seals down the cuticles and prevents breakage.

    Squalane - Our Squalane is 100% derived from plant sugars using biotechnology in a sustainable way.  Until recently squalane  was a luxury skincare ingredient harvested from shark livers.  Later it was and still often is harvested from olives but is not very eco-friendly or reliable.  Squalene is Nature's best moisturizing molecule also found in human skin but with reduced levels with age!

    Hemisqualane - Also derived from plant sugars using biotechnology.  It is an innovative lighter moisturizer with very high spreadability.  Often called Squalane Light.

    Winner of the Cosmetics Design 2016 "Best Ingredient Made From Recycled materials Award".

    German Chamomile essential oil - Relaxing and soothing, naturally adding a greenish blue hue.



  • Hemisqualane and Squalane (ECOCert-approved, USDA Certified 100% Biobased), German (blue) chamomile and Lavender essential oils

  • Massage into face/lips/eyelashes/eyelids and wipe off with cotton to remove makeup.  Rinse.  Apply to wet or dry hair to control frizz and protect hair color.  Avoid getting into eyes.

    Leaves skin velvet-like, clean and smooth.  Leaves hair soft and smooth without weighing it down. 

    Keep away from heat and light.  Use within a year of purchase.

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